6 Years to write a couple of blogposts…

Over the post 6 Years I’ve ben struggeling to write.
OK. That Soundgarden like Writers block – and thats not what I’m taking about. At least not to my knowledge….
Writers block would asume that you’ve been writing and then stopped.
I haven’t.
Well stopped I have. But never Actually been writing. As in more than once with only days inbetween (and not years).

I wrote my first blogpost 6 years ago. And that took me more that took me more than 2 years to get to that point. Now 4 years later I’m writing my second post (the one you are reading). And without making any promises about the future – more is expected to come.

Why the change in ABSOLUTELY non-writing – into at least this-blogpost-writing you could ask…

Over the past days I’ve listed to the book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. And that has changed my mind.
I’ve decided that I’m not a “Fixed Mindset” person. Or perhaps I am. But at least I’ve decided that a way to move out of that downward spiraling state is by forcing my self-judgement to get indto a “Growth-Mindset” – and start writing.
So that what I’m doing.
Right now.

I’ve also made an agreement with my daughter Josephine. If she started showing the world her art – I would do so (through blogging).
And she has started her journey – weeks ago – so I also needed to get started.

One of my Online heroes: Steh Godin – in one of his multiple books is mentioning one of his heroes – I believe it Thereou (not sure – not even of the spelling of the dudes name). But he wrote hundreds of books during his lifetime.
Got up in the morning before sunrise. Wrote until end of the day. Next day – was a repetion of the previous day.
This is the description of craftmanship. As in a trade that can be learned.

So here I am starting out to learn the trade or the craft of writing.

I welcome you to tag along or drop in as you find suitable on your path….

Thats it for today.
Talk to you soon…’ish